The Aftermath – When Your Blog Goes Viral


About 72 hours ago, I wrote a “Open Letter” to Lisa Ann, the US Porn Star, who a few days prior, decided to produce a You Tube clip consisting of rather offensive statements about sex workers. I did state in that “Open Letter” that I hoped that the letter would go viral so that Lisa Ann could actually hear what I had to say, but I actually didn’t expect it to go THAT viral. Over 10,000 people visited this blog in under 72 hours and people are still clicking on it to read it.

Do I like attracting attention and creating controversy? No. This blog was never about writing provocative material for people to use as a weapon or create drama with. This was going to be a blog designed to provide sex workers with basic legal information to inform them of their rights. However, I do not regret writing that blog entry because I can say that 10,000 people are now aware that what was said was wrong on so many levels and I hope that I at least changed some people’s views about whorearchy and sex work. If I did, then I am immensely proud. If I didn’t, then so be it.

The amazing thing is that so many people read the blog, and so little people criticised it. Rather, I received so much feedback – from porn stars, sex workers, and non sex workers – thanking me for having the courage to speak out about the issue. But I am no hero. The only thing I managed to do was get angry enough to write a very passionate response in an articulate manner that people could relate to.

One thing I want to make clear is that my blog post was NOT an attack on the US porn industry, and I thank those in the US porn industry who were able to see that it wasn’t about the industry as a whole – it was about one person, who used her voice and image to perpetuate stigma about those she feels are below her in the whorearchy.

Am I some big sex worker activist in Australia? No. I don’t regard myself in the same league as Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Party or organisations like SWOPnsw or SIN, who I respect greatly for the work that they are doing for the Australian sex work industry. However, I have spent the last two or so years meeting and speaking with sex workers, learning about their experiences and their challenges and I am informed enough to know that the words that were spoken by Lisa Ann were a stain on the rights of the very sex workers that I have been meeting since involving myself in the industry.

Do I think that I will ever have 10,000 people coming through my blog doors again? I doubt it. It was never about raising my own profile or generating business (I have been accused by some people lately of only being involved in the industry to make money off it). This blog will continue to provide legal advice to those who choose to read this blog and if I can throw in the odd “opinion piece” here and there, then hey, lets make it happen.

Thank you so much for the support over the last 72 hours.

And no, Lisa Ann has not responded to me. I wait patiently.




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