X Rated – Canberra Museum and Gallery


When I heard that Canberra was holding “X-Rated: The Sex Industry in the ACT” at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG), I thought I would head down – and take with me the best porn star to have originated from ACT itself…Lucie Bee.

The exhibition explores the history of the sex industry in the ACT. In an article about the exhibition, the ABC correctly stated that sex work was legalised in Canberra in 1992, “a move that was considered ground-breaking at the time because it focused on harm-minimisation instead of criminalisation.”

Here are some photos of Lucie Bee and I enjoying the exhibition.



Pic 1: The unmistakable sign as you walk in the door.


Pic 2: Lucie Bee watching a documentary about the work done by Touching Base.


Pic 3: See above.


Pic 5: The oft-used phrase by Scarlet Alliance – “No Bad Whores Just Bad Laws”


Pic 6: Lucie Bee being cheeky in front of the very cheeky sign protesting sex laws in ACT.

IMG_5884Pic 7: Reels from the adult film industry that ACT is well known for in this country. The X Rated Exhibition looks at this industry in great detail, with a lot of paraphernalia from the early days of the porn industry.

IMG_5882Pic 8: This is an example of the sex education posters from the ACT’s safe sex campaigns, using the Australian Parliament House as a phallus to put a condom on!

IMG_5872Pic 9: More safe sex information that was used in the ACT over the years.


Pic 10: I love this. This is an old telephone book from the 1980’s when sex was advertised on paper and not on the internet. Remember those days?

IMG_5864Pic 11: This is a campaign that Fred Nile ran in the mid-80’s against the laws in ACT regarding the porn industry.

IMG_5860Pic 12: A campaign counteracting Fred Nile who fought so heavily against sex work and porn in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

         IMG_5854Pic 13: Prominent adult content providers, the AXIS Group, and an example of some of their work in the ACT in the 2000s.

    IMG_5842    Pic 14: Lucie Bee comparing the porn she shoots today to the porn shot “back in the day”


The exhibition is curated by Rowan Henderson and is at CMAG until 20 September 2015. Its free of charge……


But you might end up bringing someone home.




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