These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things Part One

This week, I decided to get out amongst the sex and adult entertainment industry and ask them one question in relation to the work that they do. I asked them:

“What is the one thing you cannot live without/what is the most important work related item?”

Over the next few blog posts of this series, I will bring you some of the answers that I received.

The important thing about this series is that there is no wrong answer!


I spoke with Lexie Mannion, a sex worker from Adelaide, Australia who automatically said that she could not live without her family. When it comes to work, however, she couldn’t decide on one thing. She went with “having intimacy & closeness of a gent, passionate kissing, sex, orgasms & being paid”.


You can follow Lexie Mannion on @LexieMannion or visit her on


I then spoken with Laura Lee, from Glasgow Scotland. Laura is a sex workers’ rights campaigner and recently launched a legal challenge to anti-sex work legislation in Northern Ireland. When asked what her most important work item was, her answer was “I can’t imagine life without my Filofax ‘cos I’m an old fashioned call girl, stuck in the 90’s. Not even sorry.”


You can find Laura on @GlasgaeLauralee and you can visit her website at You can also read about her legal action at


Skylar, a sex worker from Melbourne, Australia, wrote in and told me that she cannot do without her stay up stockings. She says “I wear them to every booking.” She opts for stay ups because “suspenders and hold up stockings look the part but add considerable time in a) Getting ready for a booking b) getting dressed to leave a booking.”


You can talk to Skylar on Twitter at @skylar_escort and you can visit her website at


I was delighted to speak to the next woman. Ms Naughty is one of Australia’s leading feminist porn creators and is up for a number of awards at the Feminist Porn Awards 2015 in Toronto, Canada. When I asked her what the one thing she cannot live without in her day, without hesitation, she said “I decided to take a pic of my mouse because, while the computer itself does the work, the mouse is what helps me to do my job. I need this ergonomic mouse and don’t work as well without it because I’ve had RSI for 16 years. It’s really old and grotty and I love it. Also not sure I can even replace it anymore. This mouse helps me to write erotic fiction, to edit my films, to contact performers, to promote my work.”


If you want to wish Ms. Naughty luck in the Feminist Porn Awards, you can contact her at @MsNaughty, or you can visit her blog at, or you can search for her content on


Dominique Diaz,from Randwick in Sydney, Australia was asked what the most important work item was to her and she said “my stripper heels”.


You can visit Divine Dominique at @sublime_dom or visit her website at


When I approached Inga Nord a touring Australian escort, I asked her what the most important work related item is, she said “knowing the following quote”.


You can have a chat with Inga Nord at @NordIngaLove.


When I approached Corinne, a sex worker from down in Hobart, Tasmania, she provided me a picture of the following:


Corrine said “I need the do not disturb setting on my phone. I am human. I like to sleep. And I have no idea why people think calling at 2am is going to get them anywhere.”


To wrap up today’s edition of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things, we have the fabulous Holly In Albury, from Griffith, New South Wales, who said “condoms”.


You can meet Holly on Twitter at @HollyInAlbury or see her website at


If you want to send in your picture for the next edition of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things, please contact me at or get in touch with me on Twitter. Thank you to all of the participants who have shared their favourite things so far!



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