These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things Part Two

Last week, I decided to get out amongst the sex and adult entertainment industry and ask them one question in relation to the work that they do. I asked them:

“What is the one thing you cannot live without/what is the most important work related item?”

Continuing with this series, I will bring you some of the answers that I received.

The important thing about this series is that there is no wrong answer!


I spoke with Karly from Scarlet Blue, and it comes as no surprise that she gave me the following photo:

Scarlet Blue - coffee

Karly says that “A good coffee is one of the simple pleasures in life. Life wouldn’t be the same without it”

We can all agree on that, Karly!

You can follow ScarletBlue on @ScarletBlue or visit them at


I then spoke with Mistress Penelope, who lists “bondage, disciple, sadism, masochism, fetish and fantasy” as some of her interests, hails from Sydney and gives us the following picture:

2015-04-16 15.50.15

Mistress Penelope explains: “I’ve attached a photo of the work items that I just can’t live without – lubes and gloves.

The right kind of lube can make all of the difference in a session, and My absolute favourite (water-based) is Wet Stuff Gold. With a thick and smooth consistency and long lasting moisture, it’s perfect for heavy play up to fisting and just about everything else ever!

Silicone lube keeps My latex looking pretty glossy and often helps Me get in without the white residue left by talc.

I also use My hands a lot and cannot stand the sensation of things under My nails so good quality latex and nitrile gloves form a core component of My arsenal.

I get to play with an incredible array of fun things as I commit horrible deeds to wonderful people, but at the end of the day, it comes down to imagination and what you can do with your hands 😉

You can find Mistress Penelope on @Mz_Penelope or visit her wesbite at

________________________________________________________________________________________________Kimmy, Kimmy is a sex worker from Sydney, Australia, wrote in and told me that she cannot do without Karmasutra Lube. She says “its sooooo amazing and doesn’t have that wet sticky feeling like other lubes. Most guys can’t even tell I’m using lube at all.” She adds “this is my magic potion that enables me to take really big sizes anally, or if i am not naturally lubricated enough.”


You can talk to Kimmy on Twitter at @misskimmyxoxo and you can visit her website at


Paige Thomas, a sex worker from Melbourne, Australia gave us the following picture:


She simply says ” Its my guarantee of an orgasm.” (I think many of us can relate!)

You can contact Paige at @PaigeThomasMelb or you can visit her website at


To finish up today, I asked Jordan Tyler, a male porn performer who hails from New Jersey, in the US what his most important item is and he gave me the following pic:

IMG_0731-1Now, this required some explanation – so Jordan was kind enough to write a blog entry for us, so here it is:

So Kate has asked me to write about one item I can’t live without as a sex worker. Most of my dealings with sex work are related to porn, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two 🙂 Sex toys are mostly the domain of the women, and while it’s easy for me, as a male to say it’s my tongue or my penis, isn’t that a little tacky?? Besides, I would say it’s my hands that are more important than the others. If you want to get a woman in the mood, what is the first thing that’s going to touch her?? Maybe your lips if you kiss her?? Sure. But when you kiss, 99% of the time your hands are involved. Maybe you put them on her hips or waist…on her back…on her head/face…or maybe even her ass 🙂 But you are almost always putting them somewhere on her body. And I have yet to find a woman who doesn’t melt when my hands are running all over her body. It’s my way of getting her in the mood for my tongue, and yes, even my penis lol. It’s the foreplay and the seduction that is the key to open up everything else. And I find that my hands are the most important “tool” to make that happen.

Thanks for that, Jordan!

You can catch Jordan at @jordantylerxxx and you can catch some of his performance on Porn Hub at He also has a Tumblr account at


If you want to send in your picture for the next edition of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things, please contact me at or get in touch with me on Twitter. Thank you to all of the participants who have shared their favourite things so far!



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