The Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer – My Interview With Eva Sless

Today I interviewed Eva Sless, freelance writer and all around Australian sexpert who has written for a number of magazines such as Birdee and Australian People. She regularly provides us with reviews of the latest sex toys so I thought I would sit down with her and ask her some tough questions about her job as a sex toy reviewer. Here is what happened:


KVA: Welcome Eva and thank you for participating in my blog interview!

ES: No worries. Glad to be here!

KVA: So, I have it on good authority that you are Australia’s best sex toy reviewer. How on earth did this happen?

ES: Haha. Well to be honest I kind of fell into it. I was writing a sex column for Australian People magazine and, through that, met a whole bunch of contacts. One of them was the good folk at AMM and they asked if I would be interested in writing for them – which I was. And one of the first pieces they asked me to do was a sex toy review. It went down really well (pardon the pun) and so they asked me to do more. And suddenly I had a box of toys under my bed and a reputation growing….and from there i had all sorts of people sending me stuff and asking me to review it.

I think the reason people like what I have to say, is that I’m very, very, honest. I’m not necessarily rude… Haha… but I’m honest. I don’t do cash for comment. I never have.

It has been known to piss some people off… but I couldn’t be happy within myself if I just bullshitted good things about a product because I’m getting paid.

So people know if I give something a good review I truly believe it – because I’ve given some pretty shitty ones too.

KVA: Ah-ha! That leads me to my next point. I am very turned off by sex toy packaging. Is this common?

ES: Haha. Yes! I absolutely agree! Actually in a lot of my reviews I mention the packaging because I really think it’s important.

I think, especially if you’re spending a lot of money… and let’s face it, sex toys are not cheap, you want a nice box and a classy looking package. It’s definitely improving – but there are a few that still don’t seem to get it.

KVA: What are some of the hallmarks of a cheap toy, as opposed to that of a more expensive toy? Besides price obviously!

ES: Usually the functions and effectiveness of the motor and longevity of the toy’s life. But sometimes the el cheapo twist bottom single battery vibe is precisely what the user wants. Price doesn’t always necessarily mean quality unfortunately.

Some of the worst toys I’ve ever reviewed have been ones priced at over $200 and my most favourite toy ever, the one I go back to, is priced under $100.

KVA: How can you guarantee that what worked on you during your review will work on the purchaser, or do you put a disclaimer in your review?

ES: I can’t. And I never guarantee anything like that. Every woman, every vagina, every clitoris is different. There’s no way i could make a blanket statement like that and feel okay.

My reviews are very personalised. I talk about my body, my experience, my enjoyment or lack of.

I often will point out that this is my opinion. I cannot speak for others. That would be silly.

KVA: What should people know about looking after sex toys?

ES: (1) Only use cheap batteries. Anything too powerful like rechargeable or lithium will damage the motor and burn it out. Those little motors can only go as fast as they go. Putting too much power into them will burn it out and it won’t last.

(2) Never clean a toy with soap. Always use an antibacterial toy cleaner. Soap will damage toys and never fully washes off properly and can screw up your internal Ph balances and make your vagina sick with thrush and other imbalances.

(3) Never use silicone lubes with a toy that has silicone components. it will damage it and void any warranties etc.

KVA: Do you remember what your first sex toy was and how old were you when you bought it? Do you remember how much it cost you?

Hahaha. Oh I remember it all very, very, clearly.

I even have a blog on it I originally wrote for the Australian Sex Party blog on how much adult shops etc had changed over the years. Here’s the link:

I was around 17 and it cost me about $30 I think. It was one of those penis looking twist bottom buzzers. A blue jelly type material.

It was pretty rad.

KVA: I’ve gone from a rickety old Doc Johnson motorised clitoral stimulator to an expensive Lelo. I’ve never looked back. Have you had the same experience? What is the most expensive sex toy you’ve purchased?

Well… That’s hard because I actually have not purchased a toy in years. I have thousands of dollars-worth in my house, but I have not paid for them. They get sent to me by various companies.

Probably the most expensive one would be this one called the Jopen Intensity which is actually more a medical device designed by doctors to help stimulate vaginal muscles in instances of prolapse etc but many users reported it as not only helping to stimulate the muscles but was stimulating intense orgasms too..

It runs an electrical charge through it. It’s becoming very popular as a pleasure toy.

Personally i couldn’t use it. I tried. I really really tried. But I’m not a huge fan of electro stim and i just couldn’t bring myself to try it. So there’s no Eva Review on that one unfortunately. The company who sent it to me were really good about it actually.

They totally got why i ended up not reviewing it.

I still have it. Maybe one day I’ll work up the courage!

KVA: Finally, what was the most ridiculous sex toy you’ve ever used?

Hahaha. It’s called the Lelo Ida and Ida just… Well… It does not do what it claims it will do. When i get a new toy i avoid everything I can about it. Other reviews and write ups etc so I can go in blind. Then, once I’ve finished testing and write up my stuff I go searching to see what others thought. we’re all (other reviewers) usually all pretty spot on.

I found this toy was so bad, and yet i love Lelo so much, that I was super curious to see if maybe i was way off this time…

I wasn’t. I’ve never seen so many bad reviews on a product before.

It was a relief at the same time as it was a bit sad. Haha.I have discovered, though, that if you sell it as a solo anal toy, rather than a couples intercourse toy as designed, it’s amazing and people love it.

So sometimes it’s a matter of stepping outside the box to see if it has a positive side.

Oh. I don’t particularly like ones with animals on them. Dolphins and rabbits and critters.

I used to have a green worm one I’d call Cedric. He was cute and worked well…

But overall I’d prefer it not to have a face. Haha.


ES: Hahaha. I see the point of them though in a way. They are easy to hide in plain sight…

KVA: Thank you so much for sitting down with me.

ES: No worries. Was my pleasure.

You can catch Eva at her blog on:

And this:


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